Copenhagen Artist Maximillian announced himself to the international stage with mega-hit ‘Beautiful Scars’ and following singles, ‘Ripples’ and ‘Still Alive’ gathering 500 million streams across his releases
already. At just 24, he has demonstrated a songwriting style that pulsates honesty, vulnerability, and purpose beyond his youth. Maximillian has earned himself a devoted fanbase propelling successes in Europe, the USA and chiefly - South East Asia.

A diamond in the rough, Maximillian’s music reflects a troubled upbringing that could easily have curbed his evident rise. At a young age he found himself trapped at the edge of the law in a criminal cycle - from which he was desperate to escape. An epiphany that came over the then 13-year-old Maximillian at a Pink Floyd concert, changed his life forever. Overwhelmed by sorrow and shame, the concert reminded Maximillian of his passion for music, and thus he confessed his circumstance to his parents and set course to prove he belonged to the stage.

From this moment he has been searching for his own voice in life and music. Finding inspiration in artists like James Blake, Frank Ocean and Justin Bieber, Maximillian draws on personal experience of struggle and heartbreak to inform his intimate and inventive pop sound, whilst his velvet-like voice lingers in the memory of his loyal listeners. Maximillian is sure to set global airwaves alight as he continues to write and release new music in 2023 and beyond.