The Copenhagen artist’s boundless R’n’B has proved her to be one of the most promising new artists on the international scene. Her debut-single, ’Fed Up’, premiered on PAPER Magazine and since then, Giift has been praised by leading international media like Ones To Watch, Flaunt Magazine, COLORS and Metal Magazine.

The following EP, ‘Archives’, was both an impressive and inspiring release by a girl whose modest and almost shy appearance would go and shine a light on the international neo-soul and R’n’B-scene.
On June 23rd Giift will release her second EP ‘Conditions’, like the debut, self-written and produced, but this time with a few of songs in collaboration with producer Rodiadh McDonald.

Giift interprets the youth in her lyrics and sing them out in her own way with a remarkably pure voice. She has a self-taught, boundless way of producing harmonies and musical layers making her minimalistic, yet complex and grandiose sound stand out and portray a young girl
whose mind, body and soul becomes her music.