She was born in Pretoria, South Africa, on February 18th 2004, was adopted and grew up
to be who she is today: a small-town kid straight outta Havnsø, Denmark, named Klara. Her given name was Giift. 

And actually, Giift proved to be a gifted girl. On her acoustic guitar, she writes her melodies and innermost thoughts and unfold them with a voice beyond her years and a boundless,
self-taught way of producing harmonies and musical layers making her sound stand out and portray a young girl whose mind, body and soul becomes her music.

“I always knew, I wanted to make music. But I couldn’t set it free until I knew exactly what it should mean to mean what stories it should tell. This is my first chapter,” Giift says.

Fed Up is out on Stellar Records and it’s written, recorded and produced by Giift.