With more than 73million interactions and 3 million followers on tiktok, DJ LILLI is the next generation of pop stars- an already making a solid impact with her music. 

Since releasing her debut single, DJ LILLI is already clocking up close to 250.000 monthlylisteners and connecting with fans globally. Dj Lilli’s top market is the US, with active listeners joining in Southeast Asia, Brazil, Germany, UK and more.

First and foremost a singer and songwriter, Lilli’s passion for curating music, creating remixes and producing sounds has made her Denmarks biggest creator on the platform. She writes, “It all started in high school.. my friends and I liked to DJ and curate the music at parties by finding songs on Spotify. Suddenly, I fell in love with the vibes and the energy of doing that. After I finished high school, I set a goal to become a DJ while also working on writing and composing my own songs. I bought a deck -and started to practice. Two weeks later I got my first gig.”

DJ LILLI is among one of the most trending personalities on TikTok with 2.8M+ fans.
Instagram: 115Kfollowers.
YouTube: 9OK subscribers.